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How to finance your property at top conditions - with a concept that is tailored to you.

Together with you, I will create an attractive financing model and support you throughout the entire process. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Blue Card, are here on a Permanent Residenceship (Niederlassungserlaubnis) or a European Citizen.

What you can expect

Problems that everyone who wants to finance a property knows

Financing a property is one of the most important decisions in life for many people. After all, a lot of money is at stake. You want to do everything right, right?

Do you also want to make your mortgage as efficient as possible, but simply do not know how to find the offer with the cheapest interest rate?

Besides, you don't feel like you neither have the time nor the network to go from bank to bank and to get suitable quotes?

How to keep track

There are just too many options while financing a new house or an apartment. 

The good news:

Financing a property can be very straightforward and cost-effective if you know how to proceed.

That’s exactly what I’ll help you with. Not only will I show you the best way, I’ll also walk you through every step of the process.

I have always loved investing - and having bought my own house, couple of houses and apartments across town, I have seen both sides: financing AND being financed. Benefit from my vast experience and knowledge.

How we will collaborate:

My consultation is 100% free of charge for you

I only get paid for my clients' success. This means that only when I have found the right financing for you at top conditions, I get paid. And not from you, but from the respective bank. And because I am not affiliated with any bank or group of banks, you can be sure that I will consult you having your interest in mind.

What others say

"Ajay came at the right time. I had visited multiple banks - but he was the one to explain the full process... with a lot of patience."
Muru R.
“You are definitely invited to our housewarming party!!! Without you we could not have done it”
John P.
“Thanks for guiding me and giving advice all along... even at odd timings and on short notice ”
Karthik L.
“Very informative group session! And the best thing was that I now know what to look out for”
Sravani M.
"Thanks for explaining everything in such a detail - and also sometimes over and over again... we will surely finance with you"
Dinesh K.
"Thanks Ajay, for making it happen... although it was a bumpy ride with the builder.. all was good at the end."
Aashish A.

Let’s talk and get you financed

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