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5 Cheapest Cities To Buy A Home In Germany

Cost of living in Germany is relatively lower when compared to other European countries. However, even a tiny amount of money can make a big difference for students. And it’s common for all students to want to save as much money as possible.

In this sense, the location you choose to live has a significant impact on your monthly expenses, so take this in mind when deciding where to live. For example, if you decide to stay in Munich, you will find it difficult to save money because it is the most expensive area in Germany and the cost of living is extremely high.

So, if you are a student looking to study and live in Germany, you will need to know which cities are expensive and which are not. In this article, we have selected some of the cities in Germany that are less expensive and where you may live on a budget.

Following are the of the Top 5 inexpensive Cities in Germany to Buy or rent a house in:

#1 Passau City Germany

It is a small city in southern Germany near the Austrian border. It is known as “The City of Three Rivers” because it is crossed by three rivers: the Danube, the Ilz, and the Inn. According to recent statistics, this city has 50,000 residents.

In comparison to other German cities, the city is quite inexpensive. In the city, a one-bedroom flat may be rented for €600 on average. Outside of the city, the apartment can be rented for €340. However, the average three-bedroom apartment costs €1,050 in the city centre and €700 in the outskirts.

Aside from that, utility bills in Passau are lower than in other cities. Monthly bills cost an average of €75. However, depending on your consumption, the expenses can rise to a particular level, such as €250.

It is evident that the city is quite affordable in comparison to other German cities, and you should think about relocating there.

#2 Krefeld City Germany

It is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, close to Dusseldorf. According to the current figures, the city has a population of 230,000 people and covers an area of 137 square kilometres. It is a reasonably priced city, with a one-bedroom apartment in the city costing €450 per month. However, it may cost you much less in the surrounding neighbourhood. Furthermore, a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city costs €400.

Furthermore, if you require additional space, you must hire a larger apartment, which will cost you more. The average rent for a three-bedroom apartment is roughly €760, with prices ranging between €400 and €1,100. Utilities cost roughly €170 per month, but if you control your electricity and other expenses, you can save money. Utilities often cost between €50 and €250 per month.

#3 Halle City Germany

Halle City is located in central Germany and spans 135 square kilometres. It is home to approximately 240,000 people. The city is fairly inexpensive and has a distinct Renaissance period. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city is €350. In the suburbs, however, the same apartment can be rented for €200. Furthermore, larger apartments are more expensive, costing roughly €710 on average in the city but just €470 in the outskirts. In comparison, apartment rent in Berlin is 130% more. Utility prices can range between €85 to €340, implying that you may have to spend an additional €195 per month for utilities.

The city is inexpensive in terms of food prices. Dinner at a low-priced restaurant will typically cost around €10 for a single person. In addition, a beer will set you back €3.50, and a cup of coffee would set you back €2.70.

#4 Bielefeld City Germany

It is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia with a population of around 350,000 people. In comparison to other German cities, living here is quite affordable.

Rent prices are something to be concerned about, yet they are not too expensive in Bielefeld. A one-bedroom apartment costs about €460 per month, which is relatively affordable. Furthermore, with little haggling or luck, you can acquire the property for €400 per month. In addition, flats in the surrounding neighbourhood range in price from €200 to €460 per month.

Bielefeld is also reasonable in terms of food affordability, as it offers a large number of places where you can obtain a cheap dinner.

#5 Frankfurt (Oder) City Germany

Frankfurt is a city in East Germany on the Polish border. It is traversed by the Oder River. According to the latest statistics, more than 60,000 people dwell in a tiny metropolis of only 150 square kilometres.

Frankfurt is a highly affordable city because a one-bedroom apartment costs €460 per month in the city and is cheaper in outlying suburbs, such as €325 per month only. Furthermore, a three-bedroom apartment in the city costs €1,250, but it is cheaper in the surrounding area, which costs €400 to €1,400. As a result, it is 40% less expensive than Berlin.