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Ghar in Germany is a mortgage broker focussed on bringing you the best deal on your German home loan – matching your requirements. What we do:
  • compare rates from over 650 banks and financial institutions,
  • get the best possible deal for our clients AND
  • be as transparent as possible with you
Ajay Dhingra - home loan consultant for expats
Ajay Dhingra

Ajay is a certified home loan consultant and the founder of gharingermany – He is fueled by his passion of helping others to achieve their goals in terms of buying real estate here in Germany. With his vast experience in buying properties for himself as well as financing for others, Ajay is equipped with the necessary experience from both sides of the fence: being financed and financing clients.

What drives him, is bridging the gap – not only between the German banking system and his clients who are looking for a home loan, but also between two cultures. You will find him on several groups posting answers to common expat-questions.

Sebastian home loan expert for expats
Sebastian Jüngling Originally trained as a banker, Sebastian gained a lot of experience as a successfull mortgage consultant and real estate agent in different companies. His customers benefit from his extensive know-how thanks to his studies in real estate management and more than 21 years in the banking and real estate industry. If you need insights to the German real estate market AND financing at the same time: Sebastian is the go-to-guy.