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Are you in Germany and an expat, who is keen to have a house of his own? Here, you will learn what things you shouldn’t do if you have plans to apply for a loan here. Perhaps, you already know what to do 

But do you know what you should strictly not do before you get your loan in Germany? Before you get your home loan in the overseas hotspot, don’t do these things as they may damage your creditworthiness and even prevent you from getting a loan for your dream house. And, won’t that be something painful and demoralizing? 

Now let’s find out what you shouldn’t do before you get a loan in Germany! 

So, here we go!   

  1. Don’t Stack Up On Personal Loans: When you do this, it seriously decreases your credit score and makes you a not-too-good candidate in the eyes of the lending banks. Besides, EMIs are financial obligations for you, right? The more EMIs and personal loans you have, the lower your eligibility for a home loan will be. Banks monitor such things closely to know if you are a good candidate for a loan and if you can repay your loan. So, just don’t stack up on personal loans, if you really want to get a loan in Germany, right? 
  2. Not Pay Your Invoices On Time: This again is a very important thing which of course you shouldn’t do. If the lending banks find out that you have a habit of not paying your invoices on time, you will become some sort of pariah for them, from the perspective of getting a loan in Germany. 
  3. Don’t Have Any Debit Returns: A Direct Debit Return takes place when a donor’s bank dismisses direct debit) transaction. It may take place  If there are not sufficient funds available to pay the amount debited.
  4. Change Your Job: This is another thing that you shouldn’t strictly do if you are in Germany and looking for a loan there. The probationary period is a yellow flag for banks. As high as 70-80% of German banks won’t give loans to you if you are in your probationary period. Check with your home loan consultant at the right time to change your job.  Why? Because when you change your job it shows that you aren’t stable and perhaps you may not be able to pay your loan instalments on time, every time. But if you are doing a job for long, it will send the message that you are well settled in your job and getting regular income on time every month. And, so you can repay your loan without any breaks or disturbances whatsoever.    


Just don’t do the things mentioned before you get a home loan in Germany. German banks may not give you a loan if they find out that you have changed your job, or if you are not paying your invoices on time. Your creditworthiness will nose-dive in such cases.